Moses -- The Captivity of the Hebrew Tribes in Egypt -- 1550 - 1200 B.C.

Have I found something that once belonged to you?

This Pottery Jar from the Late Bronze Age, 1550 - 1200 B.C. -- the time of Moses and the Captivity of the Hebrew Tribes in Egypt might well have been in your household during the Captivity.

Small pottery jar, Superb, intact, buff with dark brown glaze on upper half, wheel-turned with a well-shaped body, short flare rim and short pedestal base, just under 2" tall, this was brought all the way through a torturous and eventful journey in the desert during the Exodus of the Hebrews into the Promised Land then occupied by the Canaanites in present-day Israel.

Found in Israel but definitely made in Egypt, this is a finely made item indicating that it was fired in the kilns of Egyptian Hebrew occupied settlements in the Eastern regions; the pottery made during the Exodus in the desert was crude, made under nomadic conditions; this tiny jar must have miraculously survived the 40-year journey to Israel, where it was recently discovered.

It is completely possible that Moses used this vessel at one time or another.

It is even more probable that you landed on this page because you recognized something familiar, from a former life. If this was yours, you can recover it now and use it to contact your former life. Merely touching it and having it rest upon your SuperBeacon will restore the memories clearly and help you in your Soul Retrieval.