Middle-Earth??? Medieval Iron Crossbow Bolt, 14th Century A.D.

Iron crossbow bolt; cf. Wheeler Pl. XV. #17, p. 66, fig 16. 9; 62 mm long; narrow tubular shaft widens to blade.

The crossbow was introduced to counteract the heavier and more padded armor of the day, but it was really an application of a much earlier invention by the Egyptians and Romans.

Actually a miniature catapult, the crossbow made reloading faster and easier, and gave more accuracy and "reach" to the archer.

You may well have used this bolt-head to bring down an enemy in the 14th century, or you may have felt it piercing your right-side ribcage as you fell to the ground, mortally wounded for yet another ride through the Between-Lives State.

Either way, it's here to help you link your past lives with the present in your Soul-Retrieval Program. Use it with your SuperBeacon to fully integrate the two lifetimes and more.

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