Rembrandt B 57 -- Rest on the Flight Into Egypt, a Night Piece

C1 -- A small, not very common night piece with dramatic appeal.

About 1644. Fourth State of eight known states.

Ass's head on right branch of tree is in this state unshaded; shading has been added on branch of tree, there is good strong burr on the added shading, indicating that this print was taken quite early in the run.

Ass's head added at right; horizontal shading added lower right corner, much extra horizontal shading added to even-up the lower right edge of plate, two tiny diagonal right-left marks in upper right corner, found on all subsequent states.

This is BEFORE THE WATELET RETOUCH of the plate!!!

Etching with drypoint H.208/BB44-2.

Provenance: Llandaff Family Collection, Theodore Donson Collection; Lugt 1805. Thread margins, plate 58mm x 91 mm, outside dimensions, 62mm x 95mm.

Altogether a fine provenance and one of the best Museum Grade impressions of this print you will ever see on the market.