KNIGHTS TEMPLAR -- Islamic, Arab Pseudo-Byzantine, Bilad al-Sham (Greater Syria), c. 658 - 680 A.D.

Bronze follis, Goodwin type E (imitating Constans II, SBCV 1000 and similar), aVF, weight 3.121g, maximum diameter 19.3mm, die axis 315o, obverse emperor standing facing, wearing crown and chlamys, long cross in r., globus cruciger in l.; reverse large cursive m, cross above, pellets inside arches, blundered letters and symbols around.


Do NOT purchase this if you would be disturbed by very in-your-face blade combat!

One of those coins recovered from a Templar gravesite, this coin has been around the block and more.

Priced according to numismatic rarity and psychometric desirability. Not a coin for your average bear.