MINT ERROR -- BROCKAGE -- Islamic, Ghaznavids, Mas'ud I (Shihab ud-Dawlah), 1031 - 1041 A.D.

Islamic, Ghaznavids, Mas'ud I (Shihab ud-Dawlah), 1031 - 1041 A.D.

A brockage is an error coin. One side (most of the times the obverse) is normal, but the other side instead of the reverse displays the obverse again, incuse or in negative.

A brockage occurs when a blank is struck with a previously struck coin which adhered to the opposite die.

BROCKAGE ERROR COINS in this mintage are RARE ++++ and this is a very important ancient error coin; errors are common, but mostly in lettering of the motto or device; in this case, the error is actually in the striking of the die.

Silver fractional dirham, Album 1624, Mitchiner WOI 779, Brockage, F, holed, Sind? mint, weight 0.431g, maximum diameter 10.2mm, AH 421 - 432; VERY RARE THUS.

In addition, this is a HOT PSYCHOMETRIC with plenty of story to tell and great connection to the period; hopefully it will fall into the hands of one of its former possessors. Spend it more wisely this time, eh?