Sasanian Empire, Shapur I, 241 - 272 A.D.

Sasanian Empire, Shapur I, 241 - 272 A.D. -- Silver obol, Göbl I/1, Saeedi 91, F, weight 0.563g, maximum diameter 13.1mm, die axis 90o, obverse Pahlavi legend: Mazda-worshipping, Lord Shapur, King of Kings of the Iranians, whose image is from the Gods; king bust right wearing a crown with merlons and earflaps, surmounted by the korymbos; reverse Pahlavi legend: Fire of Sabuhr, fire altar with two attendants; unbelievably RARE.

In 260 A.D., after four years of war the Roman emperor Valerian arranged for peace talks with Sapor. He set off with a small group to discuss terms with the Sasanian emperor and was never seen again. In Rome it eventually became known that Sapor was using Emperor Valerian's stuffed body as a footstool.

Absolutely the most bizarre story coin I've ever come across. I couldn't resist it, and am putting it up on the site, thinking that you'd find it as bizarre and fascinating as I do.

A tremendously hot psychometric and as I said, one of the strangest historic coins ever. I'm pricing it out of range of the casual collector because I believe this needs to go to the "right" home. You can ask for a discount if you like, but don't count on it. You have to really WANT this coin to get it from me.