UNUSUAL MEDUSA -- Amastris, Paphlagonia, c. 120 - 63 B.C.

Bronze AE 29, SNG Cop 245; BMC Paphlagonia p. 85, 7 var (rev legend ending in N, possibly in error), F, Amastris, 19.532g, 29.1mm, 0o, c. 120 - 63 B.C.; obverse head of Pallas Athena right, wearing helmet with three crests, decorated wtih Pegasus and fore-parts of four horses, aplustre on back; reverse "AMASTREWS", Perseus facing, wearing pointed cap, harpa in right, head of Medusa in left, decapitated body of Medusa at his feet, monograms in left and right fields. UTMOST RARITY.

Extremely high psychometric readings with very full historical views of the period. Some strong death readings as well.