ORACLE -- Anatolia (Uncertain City), c. 4th Century B.C.

In ancient times, dice and astralagoi were important not only for gambling, but for divination, in much the same way that D&D percentage dice are now thrown to determine "outcome".

An astragalos was a gaming piece made from the knuckle-bone of a sheep or goat, used in antiquity in a manner similar to casting dice and, in Northern Europe, casting runes.

Silver fraction UNPUBLISHED VARIANT -- SNG Kayhan -, SNG Keckman -, Asyut -, Williams Phokians -, Mitchiner ATAC -, Tziambazis -, VF, 0.315g, 6.6mm, uncertain mint, obverse head right; reverse astragalos in incuse square. EXTREME RARITY.