MINOTAUR -- Polyrhenion, Crete, 3rd Century B.C.

YOU ASKED FOR IT, YOU GOT IT!!! Guiseppe found these 3rd century B.C. Bull-head coins from Crete, about as close to Minoan Treasure as you'll ever get your hands on!

Incredibly rare and hard to obtain, I have only 7 of these beauties, first come, first serve.

Of course these are not Minoan -- the Minoans date back to about 7,000 B.C. and there just aren't any coins showing up in my collection box that fit that description, but they ARE from the area, and they DO connect up with the Minoan civilization quite readily when psychometrically provoked with the use of a SuperBeacon and a properly constructed altar.

You get ONE of these, period. If you want to order for someone else, you need to explain who and why.

AE 10; SGCV I 3357, SNG Cop 534, F - VF, obverse circular shield ornamented with a bull's head; reverse Π−Ο/Λ−Υ, spear head