TEMPLE -- arched colonnade, roadway, shrines, altar // Jesus & Samaritan Woman // -- Elagabalus, 16 May 218 - 11 March 222 A.D., Neapolis, Samaria

Bronze AE 20, SNG ANS 6, 996-1005; Hendin 881, F, Samaria, Neapolis, 13.821g, 25.2mm, obverse AYT K M AYP ANT"W"NINOC or similar, laureate bust right,; reverse "FL" NEAC"POLEW" CYP "P" or similar, Mt. Gerizim with arched colonnade, roadway, shrines, altar and temple.

Neapolis, Samaria, the biblical Shechemis, is now Nablus, Israel. It is the site of Joseph's Tomb and Jacob's well. Jesus spoke here to a Samaritan woman. Neapolis is home to about half the remaining worldwide Samaritan population of 600.