psychometry made easy

Psychometry simply means the psycho-emotional content of an object. Many psychics and psychic detectives in particular, like to use a coin that was carried by someone in order to establish contact with them.

You can use the same principle to contact your past lives and the world you left behind when you passed into the Void for yet another incarnation in this time and space.

Contact with your past selves is important; it gives you a better handle on how endless and infinite your life as a Being actually is.

With that handle, your present life will take on perspective in the Big Picture and might just go a whole lot better!

You have actually felt the effects of psychometry, although you might not have realized it at the time. In retrospect, you'll see that you have gotten "flashes" of the past by holding an object connected with the past. That's psychometry!

See? You can already do it!

Psychometry -- try it, you'll like it!

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